140519 kimheenim: There are many fans who love my long hair ^-^ Voices of fans who screamed asking me not to cut my hair could be heard ^-^ |heartheesubs|

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IU crushing on complimenting Sulli (◡‿◡✿) 

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During Marry U in SS5 Mexico, Donghae found a jewel shaped necklace, he grabbed it and…

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Heechul talks about only13:

Really, I said a lot of this and that. The opinion of other fans are also right. We also have our own standpoint. We can only keep going ourselves. Must not let him hear this kind of stuff. There’s nothing we can do, and I can only try my best as a hyung. I can only buy meals for him. What can I do? I’m not Lee Sooman.

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 Reasons to love Lee Hyukjae: C-0404

↪ 1. his adorable smiling/laughing face

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